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Cut out Wies


Wies is independent, eager to learn and asks questions all day long. This curious, wonderfully determined toddler simply cannot be fooled. Especially not if she thinks she is right. Why can’t you go to school in your pyjamas? Who came up with that? And of course you can have a dolphin as a pet. Or can you?

Wies wants to discover the laws of the world, she wants to see what happens when she crosses boundaries, and what happens when does what is not ‘allowed’ or ‘possible’. Her world consists of possibilities, NOT limitations. With short stories told in verse, we hope to inspire lots of toddlers (and adults) to question everything and to keep asking ‘Why?’

NOTE: The books of Mo’s Daughters are currently translated into English and German. The Dutch version are available in the Netherlands. If you are interested in the English or German versions please contact us for more information on

Friends booklet

Motto: ‘Why?’

Loves: ‘Going down the slide, building things, playing outside.’

Dislikes: ‘Tidying up.’

Wants to be: ‘An astronaut.’

Loves to wear: ‘Something different every day.’

Never leaves home without: ‘Giraffe Raf’

Can’t do without: ‘My mum and dad.’

Favourite food: ‘Pancakes and strawberries.’

Dream: ‘To fly to the moon.’

Family: ‘My dad’s name is Tom; he can cook really well. My mum is called Lisa, she is a journalist. That is a difficult word for “asking lots of questions”. I think I get my wanting to know why from her.’