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cut out Suus

Meet Sadie

Sadie is honest, sporty, can play for hours on her own on her parents’ farm, has a strong sense of justice, and has an amazing sense of smell. She has just started big school, together with her two best friends Mick and Robin. And that’s pretty exciting in itself, but suddenly her world is turned upside down (sometimes quite literally) when she finds out she is a superhero and can fly with her scooter. And now – with a nose that helps her smell out trouble and a conviction to face it without any doubts – she is Super Sadie!

Girls are just as good superheroes as boys, and it was time that more books were written about it. Sadie proves that you can help people and fight for justice with smart thinking, decisive action and, yes, superpowers. And she does all of this with a good dose of humour and compassion.

NOTE: The books of Mo’s Daughters are currently translated into English and German. The Dutch version are available in the Netherlands. If you are interested in the English or German versions please contact us for more information on

Friends booklet

Motto: ‘I can smell danger and peril; then I head straight for it!’

Loves: ‘My grandad’s soup with meatballs; he makes the best.’

Dislikes: ‘Cauliflower, dog poo and sweaty feet: they all smell bad!!’

Wants to be: ‘An ambulance driver, professional football player, and simply happy!’

Loves to wear: ‘Leggings with a T-shirt or jumper are the best.’

Superpower: ‘I can smell everything. And I mean E-VE-RY-THING.’

Favourite animal: ‘Sharks. Did you know that they can smell one drop of blood in the water from as far as 1.5 kilometres away!’

Can’t do without: ‘My scooter. I never know when I’m needed…’

BFF: ‘Mick and Robin.’

Home life: ‘I live on a farm with my parents and my grandad.’

Psssst: ‘My grandad was also a superhero, but you’d never have guessed it if you look at him now, LOL.’