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Meet Mila

Mila is curious about everything around her, and she experiences one adventure after another, be it at home or in the garden. Full of courage, and together with her dog Ruff (who is a little less courageous), she faces the unknown, whether it is the dark attic that is out of bounds to her, or the wildly grown depths of their back garden. And after every adventure, she makes the world just that little bit more beautiful with her wonderful scrapbooks.

Mila shows children that adventure is literally there for the taking. In every nook and cranny of the house, the garden and the world, there’s an adventure to be found – if you simply look around you. And that helping others is a part of adventure, too. What’s more, Mila will hopefully also inspire children to record their adventures in some way, like in a scrapbook or notebook.


NOTE: The books of Mo’s Daughters are currently translated into English and German. The Dutch version are available in the Netherlands. If you are interested in the English or German versions please contact us for more information on

Friends booklet

Motto: ‘I just want to know what has happened!’

Loves: ‘Discovering new things, porridge and Ruff.’

Dislikes: ‘Brushing my hair.’

Wants to be: ‘An adventurer, just like my grandma Ludmila.’

Loves to wear: ‘Well, that changes every morning. But I do really like my jumper with the clouds on it.’

Inspired by: ‘Grandma’s scrapbooks. They’re so cool.’

Never leaves home without: ‘My onemillionandonethings rucksack, with everything I ever need, and more, in it – it’s super handy.’

Talent: ‘I can talk to all animals.’

Can’t do without…: ‘Ruff, my faithful friend. And my notebooks.’

BFF: ‘Ruff. I always take him with me. And that’s also because, without me, he gets scared.’

Dream: ‘Ooh, travelling through the desert with an elephant.’

Psssst: ‘Mum and Dad think Ruff is just a cuddly toy, but I know he’s alive…’