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cut out Maan

Meet Luna

Luna is smart, decisive, energetic, resourceful, helpful and mad about nature. She’s a globetrotter who travels around the world in her dreams together with her duck and is always in search of new encounters and experiences. In the mornings, she wakes up hungry with a handful of seeds as a souvenir and eagerly awaiting her next trip.

Luna takes children to another world. She shows us how awesome it is to meet new cultures and people. And that we have to treat nature with care. In her travels, she also discovers that every destination is unique. But that the importance of friendship, family, love and learning to deal with ups and downs is basically the same everywhere.

NOTE: The books of Mo’s Daughters are currently translated into English and German. The Dutch version are available in the Netherlands. If you are interested in the English or German versions please contact us for more information on

Friends booklet

Motto: ‘Do something new every day!’

Loves: ‘Travelling, duh! And meeting new people and enjoying nature, too.’

Dislikes: ‘Having to entertain my parents when they are bored at the campsite; I have better things to do.’

Wants to be: ‘A biologist, a vet, or a mountaineer also seems interesting.’

Loves to wear: ‘A dress. It’s practical for travelling and is also just nice.’

Inspired by: ‘My globe. It’s how I decide where we’re going.’

Never leaves home without: ‘A banana, cup and ball in my rucksack.’

Talent: ‘I’ll be able to fly one day – I know that for sure.’

Can’t do without: ‘My head torch. With it, I can read in bed, decide my destination and survive in nature.’

BFF: ‘My duck. We travel the world together at night, and he sleeps in my hair during the day.’

Believes: ‘Anything’s possible when you dream, so follow your dreams!’

Psssst: ‘I get grumpy when I’m hungry.’