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Mo’s team

Mo’s Daughters’ books are great fun, affordable and there’s something for everyone. They’re lovely to give, to receive and to read from. Each one is richly illustrated and pleasantly written. Made with love and care by Dutch and international illustrators and writers. Meet the Mo’s Daughters’ team below.

Malou Cornet

I’m Malou Cornet, founder of Mo’s Daughters. I love books, bookshops and reading (both to myself and to others). With the Mo’s Daughters’ brand, I have brought together my background in sales & marketing and my passion for equality. As a child I read everything I could lay my hands on; I have fantastic memories of reading Guus Kuijer’s Madelief stories (not to mention loving the drawings by Mance Post), and everything by Jan Terlouw, Thea Beckman and Tonke Dragt. I was completely absorbed in the worlds portrayed in these books and saw or heard nothing else when reading them. The Mo’s books are aimed at a younger target group, but I hope they will also take children to another world where everything is possible. To this day, I’m inspired by Pippi Longstocking’s motto: ‘I have never tried that before, so I should definitely be able to do it.’ And it is this exact sentiment that I hope to pass on to our readers with all the wonderful stories about our characters, Wies, Mila, Luna, Charlie and Sadie.

Tiago Americo

I’m Tiago Americo, and I’m the illustrator for the Wies series. In addition to illustrating, I’m also a writer and designer and I live in Chambly, Canada. After graduating in Graphic Design in Brazil, I worked for a number of years in the animation industry and won numerous awards for my animation shorts. In 2010 I started working full-time as an illustrator and since then I have illustrated more than 100 children’s books, posters, toys, games and characters for clients worldwide. Working on Wies has been a fantastic experience – she is curious, determined and has a great imagination, which makes her a very real and multi-dimensional character. To have been able to participate in a series of books that focus on strong girls – something that sadly is still not all that common, but is very necessary – is truly special. For more information about Tiago Americo, click here:

Dorien Bellaar

Hi, I’m Dorien, the illustrator of the Mila books. I spent my childhood outdoors, surrounded by my wonderful family, cats, dogs, cows, sheep and birds. I loved to draw, write and make booklets. And I still do! Being able to be yourself and to do what you love most, regardless of what is considered ‘normal’, is – I believe – a real blessing. That’s why I embarked on this adventure with Mo’s Daughters. Hopefully the books will contribute to a broader awareness of (gender) stereotyping, and they can show young readers how different things can be. I feel a real connection with Mila – an adventurous and brave girl who follows her own path, and isn’t bothered by a spider’s web or muddy clothes. For more information about Dorien, click here: 

Luli Bunny

I’m Lucila – aka Luli Bunny – and I’m Charlie’s illustrator. I’m an illustrator and character designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My focus lies in toy design and I love the process of inventing and creating amusing, fun characters that touch you. I’m a big fan of animals, especially all the small furry and feathered ones, and I love to sketch in the park and watch the birds. My favourite children’s books are Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola ( my absolute favourite when I was a kid) and Kraai by Leo Timmers. Charlie enjoys researching, the process of collecting data and analysing her self-defined theories. With the use of small details – such as her hairpin, her notebook, her sweater with all sorts of pockets in which she can store things – I portray a girl who is curious, happy, smart and adventurous. And Puma – her small, furry friend with its own unique character – gave me just as much pleasure to create as Charlie. For more information about Luli, click here 

Firma Fluks

We are Liesbeth, Claudia and Jeannette from the editorial company Firma Fluks, and we are the authors of the Super Sadie and Wies books. At Firma Fluks, we write clear stories for children and young adults. Aside from writing, we also love to read. And the great children’s book author Roald Dahl is our hero. We especially love Matilda, who’s protagonist has been a source of inspiration for the development of our Wies and Super Sadie characters. For example, Wies is smart and curious – she never accepts anything ‘just like that’ – and Super Sadie is just as brave and decisive as Matilda. Even when a baddie similar to Miss Trunchbull makes an appearance… Our hope is that children will enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoy writing them. For more information about Firma Fluks, click here 

Marjolijn Hovius

I’m Marjolijn Hovius, author of the Charlie series. I have a background in science and I write stories and informative/educative texts for children. Just like Charlie, I love to sink my teeth into a mystery. Charlie does it with enthusiasm and unrestrained curiosity. She doesn’t research the world in a laboratory, but in her own environment. What’s more, Charlie operates/performs/works like a true scientist. That is to say: in the confidence that she can find an answer to every question herself. She is very creative and sees opportunities everywhere. And that’s a quality and attitude I wish for all of Mo’s Daughters’ readers. For more information about Marjolijn, click here: 

Femke Manger

I’m Femke Manger, and I’m the author of the Luna books. In my work as a copywriter I try to inspire people to look at the world in a different way. For the stories I write for Mo’s Daughters, I have drawn upon my own experiences: ever since childhood, I have let myself be guided by my dreams and the signs that nature gives me. With Luna, who travels around the world in her dreams, I hope to show young girls that anything is possible. Just like Mo’s Daughters, I believe in the creativity and power that every girl has! For more information about Femke, click here

Julie Mellan

Ik ben Julie Mellan, illustrator van Super Suus.  Ik woon met mijn gezin vlakbij Lyon. Super Suus in actie heb ik geïllustreerd terwijl ik hoogzwanger was van mijn tweede kind en Super Suus en de toverballen na mijn zwangerschapsverlof. Een bijzondere tijd dus..  I’m Julie Mellan, the illustrator for Super Sadie. I live with my family near Lyon, France. I illustrated Super Sadie in Action when I was heavily pregnant with my second child and Super Sadie and the Gobstoppers (also known as Super Sadie and the Jawbreakers) after my maternity leave. So, during special times in my life… My favourite children’s books are those of Beatrix Potter, with her realistic, beautiful watercolour drawings, and enchanting clothed animals. Her softness and freshness in illustration is what I would like to see more of in today’s children’s books. And I hope you see that reflected in how I brought Super Sadie to life. Every child is a superhero in their own way, and I hope we inspire girls in particular with our superhero Sadie! A girl who can’t – and won’t – tolerate injustice and who takes action. For more information about Julie, click here: 

Nienke Peeters

Hello, I’m Nienke Peeters-Haan, the author of the Mila books. I’m a children’s author and write stories – such as the adventures that Mila experiences – but also informative texts and instructional materials. Writing for children is extra fun because they are so incredibly curious. And eager to understand the world better. Just like Mila in my stories. She discovers new places. Comes up with solutions if needed. And she is nice to everyone (unless the other person does something that isn’t okay). Mila shows us that you just have to do things – no matter how exciting, stressful or impossible they seem. Try it out yourself! For more information about Nienke, click here 

Monika Suska

Hi, I’m Monika Suska, the illustrator for the Luna books. I’m Polish, live in Warsaw and travel all over the world – illustrating can be done anywhere. When I was little, my favourite book was one about two bits of clay – a red piece and a blue piece. Not exactly what you would call ‘inspiring’… However, when I was 16, I came across a picture book called Mademoiselle Zazie a-t-elle un zizi? and decided there and then that I would illustrate children’s books. Which is exactly what I am doing now. Luna is virtually my alter ego because, like her, I spend most of my time travelling (with my amazing husband Tytus) or dreaming about the next trip. I do wish I could be just as energetic as Luna and run just as fast! For more information about Monika, click here

Barend Last

Barend Last, loves stories, word and illustration, is a musicjunky, education-guru and self-proclaimed weirdo. My passion for children stems from my youth. At my mom’s Youth Theater and my dad’s riding school I always worked with kids. Later on I became teacher (Mister Barend) and found that storytelling and reading for kids was my most favorite activity. Then one day an idea formed : I will write a children’s book ! The seed was planted. Slowly I started to water the seed until it was grown enough and I hád to pick up the pen. 

Mo’s Daughters mission appeals to me tremendously. Our world is made of stories. And we, as big kids, have the honorable- and crucial task to show our still small children a world that is fair en diverse. With Pixie’s stories I got to contribute to this. 

Do you want to know more about Barend ? Please check out his website : 

Gözde Eyce

Hello! This is Gözde, illustrator of Noor!  

I am a self-taught independent illustration artist, working from my home studio, surrounded by a variety of artworks and children’s books!  I developed an imperfect drawing style inspired by the world we are in, with distorted yet cute characters and perspectives, highlighting the beauty in imperfection. I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and professionally I have been working as an illustrator for the last couple of years. I am currently based in the Netherlands with my partner and our dog, Luke. 

I love collaborating with amazing publishers & various creative souls who place sustainable living and equality at the very core of their being. I mostly create children’s book illustrations, editorial illustrations & custom projects for brands with an authentic mindset.  

Besides being an art enthusiast, I love yoga, vegetarian & low waste cooking, classical music, writing & plants. 

Working on Noor is a completely exciting experience for me! As a female illustrator, if you are trying to fight gender norms, it is very important to illustrate strong girl leading characters because I identify the character with myself and see it as an inspiration. 

Nuri Keli

Hi, I’m Nuri Keli, the illustrator for the Pixie stories. I’m Turkish, currently living in the USA and travel the globe on our self-converted van. Since childhood, I have a great drive for painting, telling stories that magical and fantastical. Quest of my life has been chasing the light, seeking whimsical stories and turn them into de-lightful illustrations. Early experimentations of traditional media took place into digital platform and I have been combining both of them for my art. My favorite children’s book is “The Little Prince” and my favorite Mo’s Daughter girl is Mila, she is adventurous and always have drive and courage for life.  

For more information about Nuri, click here 
social handles:   

Anne Poley-Siblesz

My name is Anne Poley-Siblesz and I have translated the books about Noor and Pixie into French. That seemed like a challenging job to me, because normally I mainly translate difficult texts for grown-ups! 

But what turned out? Most of all, it was a lot of fun. I have imagined what it would be like to be one of these cool girls, and have occasionally sought advice from my own sons. Because with many expressions, but also some games, it is super important which (cool) words you use :-)

And for our older readers: the feminization of the French language is still subject to considerable change so if you have any interesting additions to this, please let me know.