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Mo’s Manifesto

Dear girls,

You are amazing just the way you are. Don’t be fooled into believing that you cannot, or are not able to, do something, simply because you are a girl. Do it your way. Discover what you like and who you are. Dare to do things. Dare to fall. Pick yourself up. Learn. And blossom. Because the world lies at your feet. So, show it who you are and who you want to be!

Mo’s Daughters presents you with a world full of wonderful girls who explore the world around them; who are curious, brave and confident. Girls who know deep friendships; who lead, invent and travel far beyond the moon. And who look just like you, just the way they are.

Mo’s Daughters tells stories in which you play the lead. Stories that don’t try to put you in a box. Stories that enhance you and expand your world, that show you what is possible. Mo’s shows you a world that inspires. A world that will nurture your belief in yourself and what you can do.

And we promise, we will keep telling new stories each and every year.

Mo’s Daughters