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Mo’s Daughters

Mo’s Daughters’ promise to all the parents, families and friends of girls,

You love her, and you want nothing more than to see her grow up happy and strong. For her to reach her full potential. You want her to embrace life and be happy with who she is. You talk with her, you listen to what she has to say, you read to her, you play with her, you watch TV and films together.

You know she’s going to conquer the world; you know she’s just as smart as her brother, cousin and the boys in her class. She can become anything she wants.

Children develop dramatically during the first six years of their life. And over this period, they form a strong notion (and later ingrained ‘belief’) about what it means to be a girl or a boy. This leads children – worldwide, and from as young as six years of age – to believe that intelligence is a characteristic that belongs to boys, not girls.

The stories that children grow up with have a major impact on how they see the world. Stories convey values, beliefs and social norms, and shape a child’s reality.

Words and images matter. And all too often, they convey girls as small – smaller than they actually are.

At Mo’s Daughters we use words and images that enhance girls! We deliver role models and stories that don’t promote the traditional stereotypes but that encourage girls to be themselves and bring out the best in them (click here to find out how we do this). In our books, girls play the leading role, they are proactive and self-reliant. They are curious, not anxious, and explore the world in their own way. And they look like normal children. At Mo’s, there are no crazy proportions, no impossibly thin waists, no eyelashes that reach the sky, and no hot pants or figure-hugging suits.

We believe that we should surround our children – and girls in particular – with stories that have no limitations. ‘If she can see it, she can be it!’

So, with this in mind: enjoy and have fun with our books!