boeken Books with girls in the lead role Choose from fifteen lovely books for children aged 0 to 6 years OUR HEROES Super-held Away with all those old-fashioned stories! Mo’s Daughters enhances, not lessens, girls with words and images. READ OUR MANIFESTO Avonturier What she sees, she can be! Read-aloud books are a great way to show children what is possible at a young age; a great way to inspire and to challenge them. READ MORE Wetenschapper Inspiring role models for toddlers and pre-schoolers Because everyone is different: A Determined Toddler, Superhero, Researcher, Globetrotter OUR HEROES Adventures with girls in the lead role. Well written and beautifully illustrated. For all our young heroes (be they girls or boys) from 0 to 6 years of age.

A brand with a mission

Many childrens books are full of old-fashioned clichés, especially when it comes to girls. If you regularly find yourself swapping girls’ and boys’ roles while reading to your kids, and skip the bit about ‘Mum is in the kitchen’, then Mo’s Daughters’ books are for you! 

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Our children’s books

With our stories you show children a world without limitations, in which cool, ingenious girls play the leading role. Curious, open-minded and quirky, they discover the world around them. Beautifully illustrated read-aloud books for 0-6 years.


“If she can see it, she can be it!”

Girls are great superheroes as well, and they certainly don’t need a prince to come and rescue them. Not only is it important that we have more books published with girls in the lead roles, but their roles and how they are portrayed are also just as important! Read how and why Mo’s Daughters delivers inspiring stories that intentionally defy conventions (in text, image and behaviour).

Our heroes

Every girl deserves her own hero. That’s why we have five characters to choose from. The why-asking Wies for the little ones. Mila, who has all sorts of adventures in and around the house. Globetrotter Luna who travels the world in her dreams. The ever-researching Charlie. And Sadie who fights injustice with her superpowers.



determined toddler


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we work with an international and diverse group of talented writers and illustrators